Agency Mission & Values

  • Arrowhead Regional Corrections provides correctional services to five counties of Northeastern Minnesota's Arrowhead region.  A.R.C. was formed under the auspices of the Minnesota Community Corrections Act and a joint powers agreement between the participating counties of Carlton, Cook, Koochiching, Lake, and St. Louis.

  • Arrowhead Regional Corrections is administered by a Board of Commissioners (referred to as the Executive Board), under a joint powers agreement between the counties of Carlton, Cook, Koochiching, Lake, and St. Louis.  The A.R.C. Executive Board is made up of eight County Commissioners from the participating counties.  St. Louis County appoints three members, with the remaining counties selecting one member each.  Carlton, Cook, Koochiching, and Lake Counties have an addition member that rotates between these, every year.

Mission:  Affecting Lives by Reducing Crime

A.R.C. Affects:

  • OFFENDERS through case planning, programming, treatment, supervision, and sanctions which are provided in a fair, respectful and responsive manner.
  • VICTIMS by assisting and supporting them within the criminal justice system.
  • COMMUNITIES by enhancing public safety, sharing knowledge, repairing harm, promoting positive social change and by collaborating with other community / cultural resources to achieve mutual goals.

A.R.C. Believes:

  • In being responsive to individual needs such as gender, culture, and criminogenic factors.
  • Services are most effective when they address responsivity to the risks and needs of the individual and are provided at the community level.
  • People can change and that pro-social change should be promoted whenever possible.
  • In being accountable and is committed to using evidence based research in measuring outcomes for the organization and clients.
  • In operating in a transparent manner within the community using all resources wisely.