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Kay Arola
Executive Director
100 N. 5th Ave. W.
Rm 319 Courthouse
Duluth, MN  55802
(218) 726-2640

Wally Kostich
Chief Probation Officer
Court & Field Services
320 W. 2nd St., Rm 303
Duluth, MN  55802
(218) 471-7572

Phill Greer
Northeast Regional Corrections Center
6102 Abrahamson Road
Saginaw, MN  55779
(218) 729-8673

Becky Pogatchnik
Arrowhead Juvenile Center
1918 Arlington Ave. N.
Duluth, MN  55811
(218) 625-6700

Julie Peters
Administrative Assistant
320 W. 2nd St., Rm 303
Duluth, MN  55802
(218) 726-2657

Area Supervisors:

Dan Bartlett
(218) 733-2805 

Mike Wilsey
Duluth, Cook & Lake Counties
(218) 733-2841 

Dave Holmbeck
(218) 262-0126

Eric Westberg
(218) 471-7569

Brian Stevenson
Carlton & Koochiching Counties
(218) 384-9102

Kathy Lionberger
(218) 726-2653  

Mission:  Affecting Lives by Reducing Crime

A.R.C. Affects:

  • OFFENDERS through assessment, supervision, treatment, and sanctions which are provided in a fair and respectful manner.
  • VICTIMS by assisting and supporting them within the criminal justice system.
  • COMMUNITIES by enhancing public safety, sharing knowledge, promoting positive social change and by collaborating with other community resources to achieve mutual goals. 

A.R.C. Believes:

  • Services are most effective and sustainable when provided at the community level.
  • People can change and that positive change should be promoted whenever possible.
  • In being accountable by using evidence based research in measuring outcomes for the organization and clients.
  • In operating in an open and accountable manner to the public and in using all public resources wisely


Arrowhead Regional Corrections provides correctional services to five counties of Northeastern Minnesota’s "Arrowhead" region. ARC was formed under the auspices of the Minnesota Community Corrections Act and a joint powers agreement between the participating counties of Carlton, Cook, Koochiching, Lake and St. Louis.

Arrowhead Regional Corrections is administered by an Executive Board  under a joint powers agreement between the counties of Carlton, Cook, Lake, Koochiching and St. Louis. The ARC Executive Board is made up of eight County Commissioners from the five participating counties. St. Louis County appoints three members, with the remaining counties selecting one member each. Carlton, Cook, Koochiching, and Lake counties have an additional member that rotates between counties, every year.


  • The five ARC counties of Carlton, Cook, Koochiching, Lake, and St. Louis are located in northeastern Minnesota’s "Arrowhead Region."
  • Together the five counties encompass 13,738 square miles, which is 17% of the state’s total area of 79,617 square miles.


  • In the ARC counties during 2002, 23% of arrests were of juveniles, while 77% of arrests were of adults. This is identical to rates for juveniles and adults statewide.
  • The major offense categories of ARC’s probation clients include DWI offenses (32% of total), assaults (10%), drug offenses (10%), traffic offenses other than DWI (7%), and juvenile status offenses and disturbing the peace (5% each).
  • The major offense categories of clients of the Arrowhead Juvenile Center include violation of probation/warrant, assault, vehicle theft, and burglary.
  • The major offense categories of clients of the Northeast Regional Corrections Center include violation of probation, DWI and other alcohol-related offenses, assault, drug offenses, burglary, and criminal sexual offenses.


In addition to the Executive Board, ARC also has an Advisory Board made up of eight citizens, two judges, a county attorney, a public defender, a sheriff, an educator, a social service director and a minority representative. The Advisory Board meets bimonthly or more frequently when needed to discuss issues related to correctional services and make recommendations to the Executive Board. The Advisory Board is required by statute under the Community Corrections Act.

Executive Board

Commissioner Dick Brenner
Carlton County

Commissioner Robert Deschampe Cook County

Commissioner Rick Goutermont
Lake County

Commissioner Rick Hogenson
Lake County

Commissioner Frank Jewell
St. Louis County
- Board Chair

Commissioner Keith Nelson
St. Louis County

Beth Olson
St. Louis County
- Vice Chair

Commissioner Wade Pavleck
Koochiching County


Arrowhead Juvenile Center

The Arrowhead Juvenile Center is one of four departments of Arrowhead Regional Corrections, and is organized under the superintendent of the Arrowhead Juvenile Center. The superintendent of the Arrowhead Juvenile Center is also responsible for assisting in the direction of female programming and assisting in regional juvenile planning.

A total of 48 beds with 24 beds are designated for treatment of which 16 are licensed by the Department of Corrections (DOC) as long term (over 90 days) and 24 are designated for detention. Generally 40 are designated for males and 8 are designated for females. We have a waiver to manage detention and treatment females together. Males and females are programmatically managed separately to accommodate gender specific programming.

Northeast Regional Corrections Center

 The Northeast Regional Corrections Center is one of four ARC departments, and is organized under the Superintendent of NERCC, who reports to the ARC Director.  NERCC is a 150 bed minimum-level security institution, which provides services to adult males who are sentenced to the facility by the courts of the ARC counties. Programs include education, vocational training, treatment, recreation, and medical services.

Court & Field Services

Court and Field Services is one of four Arrowhead Regional Corrections Departments, and is organized under the Chief Probation Officer, who reports to the Director. The Unit Supervisors in Court and Field Services report directly to the Chief Probation Officer. Throughout the region, there are probation/parole offices in Duluth, Hibbing, Virginia, Carlton, Grand Marais, Silver Bay, Two Harbors and International Falls.

Court and Field Services is one of four divisions of Arrowhead Regional Corrections. It provides services to 16 Judges and 8,500 clients at nine locations in the five participating counties. Overall, Court and Field Services has a staff of 104.5, including 75.4 Probation Officers, 2.0 Work Crew Facilitators, 1.0 Group Facilitator, 2 Administrative Specialists, 6 Unit Supervisors, and 21.1 Support Staff.


An Equal Opportunity Employer Valuing Diversity

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